Mobile App Developer (Android) - Jobs at Carista

As a mobile developer at Carista, you'll be working with our team of senior engineers to build and expand the "Carista OBD2" mobile app that allows users to seamlessly diagnose, customize and service their own car. Communicating from a mobile device to a vehicle presents many challenges and requires interesting technical solutions. Building the infrastructure with which to be able to expand the app, quickly and easily add new features and support for new vehicles is another challenge that we work on on a daily basis. You'll be able to learn from and collaborate with the best in the business.

What we’re looking for in our candidates

  • Experience with Android development (in Java and/or Kotlin)
  • Experience with large software projects
  • Algorithmic thinking, creativity, ability to analyze data and find patterns
  • (optional, but a plus) Knowledge and experience with C++
  • (optional, but a plus) Experience with JNI (Java Native Interface)
  • (optional, but a plus) Experience with Linux distributions
  • Very good written and spoken English

Key responsibilities

  • Implementing Android user interfaces in the Carista app
  • Implementing Android-specific implementations of our platform abstraction layers (PALs)
  • Implementing Android-specific functionality in our app, including interaction with our shared functionality library in C++
  • Implementing common functionality in our shared library
  • Testing app with vehicle simulators and with actual cars

What we offer

  • Competitive salary
  • Fun and friendly working environment, freedom to do things the way you’d like to
  • A challenging job requiring and honing a variety of skills and competencies
  • A solid global user base, built around a product with an enormous potential
  • The chance to influence - we’re an open-minded company, we’re always willing to listen to creative ideas for improving any or all aspects of the product

So, if you’re...

  • ...a thoughtful individual, who gets the job done and values quality in what you do...
  • ...a creative and tenacious problem solver that loves the high of reaching the “Eureka” moment...
  • ...looking to build a career in a fast-growing, highly competitive sector...

...we’ll love to have a look at your CV!

Apply by emailing your CV (resume) to

Only short-listed candidates will be contacted. All applications will be processed in confidentiality.