Chief Operating Officer (COO) - Jobs at Carista

We've grown to a level where we need an experienced organizational manager to lead us into streamlining our work processes and help us grow further and achieve our aggressive goals. Our founder's entrepreneurial spirit and technical background needs to be paired with a business and organizational leader who can take the company to the next level.


Key responsibilities:

  • Strategy & finance

    • Implement company strategy (and help form it)

    • Provide critical information, decision-making input, and actionable recommendations on strategic and programmatic operations

    • Evaluate markets, products, come up with expansion strategies

    • Analyze business results, come up with ways to improve sales and/or profitability

    • Define budgets

  • Business development

    • Approach potential partner businesses, come up with synergies (yes, we had to use this word somewhere!)

    • Oversee business department in dealings with distributors

  • Marketing

    • Monitor marketing team, set goals, determine measurable KPIs, monitor results

  • People management

    • Manage team member performance/incentives/feedback (in collaboration with team leads)

    • Set team/employee performance goals, review progress; foster a data-driven, high-performance culture where results are tracked and influence decision-making (in collaboration with team leads & in-house HR)

    • Find ways to hire the best talent (in collaboration w/ in-house HR)

    • Create/improve work processes (e.g. sprint planning, agile development, etc.)

  • Project management oversight

    • Work with project managers to determine priorities, schedule deliverable timelines and monitor them

  • External resources

    • Manage relations with contractors (web dev, designers, accountants, legal, etc)

    • Set up requirements for requests/tasks for them (in collaboration with tech staff)

    • Monitor results


Key skills:

  • Entrepreneurial spirit

  • Action-oriented attitude, hands-on leadership (while delegating effectively)

  • Experience managing a team and motivating team members

  • Experience managing/selling a product or service, preferably in IT

  • Experience with operational management

  • Quick-on-feet, solution-oriented approach to handling problems

  • Data-driven decision making, without getting paralyzed by imperfect/incomplete data

  • Well-defined sense of diplomacy, ability to resolve conflicts

  • Setting own ego aside, promoting a collaborative work environment and being approachable

  • Fluent English


What we offer:

  • Equity, revenue share

  • Competitive salary

  • Perks (Multisport, etc)

  • Remote work during pandemic

  • Team-building events


Apply by emailing your CV (resume) to

Only short-listed candidates will be contacted. All applications will be processed in confidentiality.